Heroes + Virtues + Authors: Made Amazingly Simple (Bundle)

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This bundle includes all three books in our Made Amazingly Simple series that dives into the study of what the Bible is trying to teach us and who it was that wrote the Bible.


Heroes of The Bible: Made Amazingly Simple:

Heroes of The Bible fills you in on the most well-known heroes (and some not so heroic people) in The Bible.

‣ Enjoy learning their origin stories

‣ Discover what made them special 

Virtues of The Bible: Made Amazingly Simple:

Everyone reading The Bible wants to understand what God is trying to tell us but God’s message can be difficult to recognizeVirtues of The Bible helps you find those Virtues that are scattered all throughout the stores in the Bible

‣ Pinpoint where Virtues appearances in the Bible.

‣ Understand and explore God’s message with ease!

Authors of The Bible: Made Amazingly Simple:

Authors of The Bible takes you on the journey to discover the backgrounds and inspiring stories of the people who authored the Bible. 

‣ Discover who authored The Bible

‣ Uncover their unique Experiences and Backgrounds


As part of our ‘Made Amazingly Simple’ series, each page is laid out in beautifully designed, single or two page cheat-sheets.


This isn’t a substitute for reading The Bible, but it will give you a head start into uncovering what The Bible is trying to teach us.


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